Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Learning Loss

       It's finally summer and most schools have now dismissed for the year.  
While students are enjoying their well deserved break from their busy 
schedules, many parents may be concerned that their children could lose

some of their learned skills and knowledge.
    Although this is a common and justified concern, summer vacation does  

not have to mean that students will experience a loss of learning.
        *One solution - Sign up for tutoring services!

           -Summer is a great time to master material covered during the previous 
            school year, or get ahead for the upcoming year.
           -Tutoring is a one-on-one relationship, meaning that the tutor can 
           better identify the child's strengths and weaknesses while also reducing 
           the stress of a larger classroom environment (this is true during 
           anytime of the year)!
        *Next, incorporate an educational experience into your vacation
           -Heading to fun destination?  Why not check out some local museums, 
           visit an important historical site, or hike through a national/state 
           park?  Take advantage of any guided tours that are offered.
        *Also try volunteer work
           -Most children today have to complete volunteer work during their 
           academic careers whether it is for school, church, or to satisfy some 
           other requirement.
          -Accumulating volunteer hours will be greatly beneficial for older 
          students as it will look great on scholarship and college applications.
          -Consider a nearby library, your local chapter of the American Red 
           Cross, hospitals, etc.
        -In short, volunteering = intellectual stimulation

Thanks and have a great summer!

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