Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Fever!

On March 20th the northern hemisphere recognized the spring equinox, signaling the start of longer days and warmer temperatures.  This time of year often sparks an affliction for children and adults alike – Spring Fever!  For those of us in Northeast Pennsylvania, this is a welcomed change.  The several feet of snow from the March blizzard have finally melted and now signs of life are popping up everywhere.  Despite the beautiful conditions that beckon us outside, work still needs to be completed.  So, how exactly can we stay focused on academic, professional, and personal tasks despite Mother Nature influencing us otherwise?  Let’s explore!
  •         Rather than fight the season, why not take some of your work outside?  Students who have been inside all day would likely benefit from a change of scenery.  If you can, take your homework al fresco and soak up some of that sunshine.  Adults should take advantage of this opportunity as well.  
  •        Can’t go outside?  Open a window in your work area to let in some of that sweet spring air!  Schedule a short break every so often to recharge and destress. 
  •        Try a different mode of transportation.  During the winter, most of us want to stay out of the cold and wind.  If possible, try walking or riding a bike to your destination in the spring.  Not only will you satisfy your spring fever, you’ll be getting some healthy exercise as well. 
Do you have any methods you use to beat spring fever?  Please share!