Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Importance of Volunteer Work

        Participating in volunteer work can be one of the most fulfilling
ventures that one can experience.  At some point in our lives, usually
in our youth, we have the opportunity to do community
service, many times for an organization we're part of. This can be for church,
our school, or another organization like the Girl/Boy Scouts.

Here are some great benefits to volunteering:

*Make new friends

-Volunteer work gives one the opportunity to meet and connect with
people outside of their regular social network.  You are highly likely
to encounter other volunteers who share your interests and participate
in similar activities.

*Boosts college applications

-Volunteering reflects well on an individual and shows college
admissions staff and/or recruiters that you possess qualities they are
looking for in potential candidates.  All volunteer work requires some
personal sacrifice as well as a commitment to helping others without
profit or compensation in return.

-There are many organizations on local, state, and national levels that
offer scholarships to students who have completed a specific number of
hours and have shown a great dedication to their community.

*Gain valuable work experience and acquire references

-Volunteering is an excellent way to discover different career options,
whether you are already working or just beginning the college
application process.

-You can fine-tune skills you already have while also developing new
ones.  Especially if you have a limited work history, volunteering can
expose you to real-life work responsibilities that will certainly
enhance your applications and create more opportunities.

-Did you develop a close, professional relationship with another
volunteer or employee at the company you volunteered with?  (Someone who
has observed your work ethic, positive attributes, etc.) Be sure to ask
if they would consider being a reference for you and then collect their
personal information.

Feel free to contact us for advice or if you would like us to suggest
some organizations for you!