Monday, March 26, 2018

Preparing for the SAT/ACT

        There are a significant number of college entrance exams 
exams coming up this spring and early summer.  The SAT will be offered
on May 5th and June 2nd, the ACT on April 14th and June 9th.  
Students who are in Advanced Placement high
school courses will soon have exams for those classes as well.

        These exams can be much more taxing and
stressful than your typical, everyday tests.  We have some suggestions
to help you prepare.

-Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before. Doing an
"all-nighter" is not recommended. You are much less likely to retain
information when fatigued and a lack of sleep will only leave you
feeling drained the next day.


-Be sure to eat a filling and nutritious breakfast the morning of your
test.  Some of these exams can be quite lengthy, meaning that you might
be testing for several hours (and even longer if you require a special
accommodation).  Feeling hungry will just serve as a distraction.  If
your test center allows you, bring a snack to enjoy during break times.

*Test Prep/Tutoring

- We recommend studying for the SAT or ACT for at least 2 months prior
to the test.  Consider it the Final Exam to
high school, covering much of the material you learned since middle school
 There is a lot of material you will need to review. To 
prepare for the test, be sure to have a study plan and study at
least 20-30 minutes per night, 3-4 nights per week. Take a
diagnostic/practice test to get a baseline score and identify your
strengths and weaknesses. This way you will be able to spend more time
studying on the areas that you need to improve. You can study on your
own, with a group of students, or hire an expert tutor like Academy Tutoring.

-There is no limit on the number of times you may take the SAT and ACT
which means you will have multiple chances to improve your score if you
choose to do so. Colleges usually take your highest math and highest verbal score
which is called "Super Scoring." 

-We highly suggest going to to find important
information regarding cost, deadlines and registration.  Feel free to
also reach out to us at (570) 540-9628 or 
for guidance as well.  We have helped hundreds of local students reach their
 college and scholarship goals!

Good luck!