Friday, May 5, 2017

Finishing the School Year Strong

Finishing the School Year Strong
It is now the first week in May and before you know it, the daily countdown to summer vacation will begin.  Winter storm "Stella" may have affected schedules for the public schools in our area, causing the countdown to have extra make-up days. 

            Teachers, parents, and students alike can feel worn out by spring, but it is essential for all to finish the school year strong.  These last weeks and days are still important.
Student Tips:
Why does spring always seem to be the busiest part of the school year?  Fill in a calendar for all final due dates of assignments, tests/exams, and your extra-curriculars like games, recitals, art shows, and other competitions.  Writing all of this down instead of trying to remember everything is a great stress reliever - give it a try!
Run Through the Finish Line 

Whether you'll be entering a new grade in the fall, transferring schools, or going off to college, finish well and strong.  The consequences for poor grades or bad behavior can and will carry over into the next school year – or even lead to summer school.   

Stay positive

            Remind yourself that all of your work will be finished soon.  A negative attitude will only make your obligations more laborious.  You've worked hard all year long, don't give up now! 

Parent Tips:
Help the kids stay on task
This time of year, students of all ages can become disengaged and lose any interest in school work.  Set some final goals for yourself and your students to keep them involved and hopefully well-behaved throughout those final days. 
            Ask your children to reflect on their performance over the past year.  Have them answer questions like: What did you most enjoy about the class?  What would you change?  Did you overcome any academic hurdles?  Is there anything you wish you did differently?  Such constructive feedback will be beneficial for teachers and help students realize any weakness and better prepare for future challenges. 
And finally, you're certainly allowed to make plans for your summertime.  It will help keep you motivated while working through those final tasks.  What a wonderful reward for working so hard!

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